2 June 2017

AMWF couple: How our love story began?

Yesterday was the last day with my family and I'm already in Taiwan. I feel pretty upset, because I never left home for a long time this far away! 

But talking about past first... How our love story began? 
Everything starts in 2014 when he sent me a friend request on Facebook. Guess, that's how many of mixed relationships started too? At least I know some which did but not every of them survived.
In the beginning we wasn't talking much, I didn't even think it can be something serious. We was talking from time to time for about for months. It was the end of February 2015 when he randomly asked me if I would be his girlfriend. A bit surprised I said yes and kept thinking maybe I shouldn't. For a few days I was thinking how to say I changed my mind haha 
I didn't say a word and we kept talking everyday (sometimes only good morning and good night). He didn't seems like to talk much, I even though he is boring (everyone said I'm boring, now I know how it feels talking with me). 

Our relationship was only talking about our everyday life and share pictures. Talking via internet and not being able to see the other person's face make it easier to share many things. There was many things I never said to anyone like my parent's drinking problem and all problems at home because of that. In the past people wasn't too good to me, if they knew the truth they start to make fun and ignore me too! Also I used to be more fat due to illness which also made me have no friends at al. Well, I had one friend, at least I thought I had...

In the end of 2016 we started to talk about possibility of meeting. He thought if we doesn't meet soon, we should end this. I was happy and afraid in the same time. I never had boyfriend before, my English wasn't that good at all too. He wanted me to come to Taiwan, I was totally scared about this idea! In the end he decided he will come and I'll just go back with him. 

I already wanted to start preparing for this travel. I should also say, I didn't mention much to my family, only very few knew I'm actually talking with an Asian guy. I didn't have good contact with my parents, especially my father. My mother knew I talk with someone but depend to day she could accept it or be angry...

He wanted to come about December 2016, although before that my mother got a cancer. It was really difficult time, my brother was in orphanage, my father still drinking and lonely me stuck at home. How much I wanted to run away from this place... The cancer attacked brain and lungs, my mother had 2 surgeries but it didn't help. Also the treatment after didn't give much chances. In the February we already knew she wouldn't make it.

Talking with my boyfriend which was the only one who always listen to me we decided to meet. He said he will come in May, he still wanted to see my mother. 
It was April when I finally told my family he will come and I don't want to stay home anymore. My father was angry, mother seems doesn't know much what I was talking. Only 2 of my aunts understgood my decision. One of aunts didn't live very far and she helped me a lot at that time!

May 12, 2017 he finally came to Poland. It was sad and stressful day, since the morning we couldn't communicate with my mother. She looked like sleep and can't wake up. My father made lunch and I was waiting for him to come. 
First meeting was a little awkward. I didn't know what to talk, most of the time I just sit in silence watching him.
The night came and we went to bed. 
In the morning, about 5 am. my father woken me up with a bad new - my mother died. It was really a shock even we knew it can happen anytime. 

It was totally weird for him, he just came and my mother died, she didn't even see him... He went with me on funeral, it was good to have him in this time. We get really more close during those few days. He gave me time to decide I'll go with him or not.
In the final day (June 1) proposed to me! I didn't expect that at all. He choosed a weird timing (there was no good timing probably). I was right after shower, with towel covering my hair and pyjama, with eyes red after crying. He just kneel down and asked "will you marry me and come to Taiwan?". I didn't know what to say, feel sad and happy in the same time. I accepted his proposal, but he said I can take some time to think after me stay together longer.

It's June 2, 2017 and I came to Taiwan. It was really the hardest decision in my life! I had to leave my father in that difficult moment ando my brother and cat I love...
My first day in Taiwan wasn't so good. The weather - hot and rainy. His family - pretty weird. I don't know anyone and no one speak English. I don't know how to communicate with them, we are like from two different worlds.
His family tried to welcome me well, they are nice, just everyone focus on talking with my boyfriend and I feel like don't even exist. Guess that's what's like to live in a foreign country and don't speak their language? 

~ ~ ~ ~
I'll update my story from time to time if anyone is interested to read!


  1. Very intereted and moving story, your boyfriend has a good heart! Don't you speak chinese? I married a Taiwanese too:)) for 20 years!

    1. After 2 years in Taiwan I finally can speak a little bit Chinese. Although after having baby I don't have time to learn now

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