24 July 2019

Wushanding Mud Volcano Natural Reserve

Wushanding Mud Volcano Natural Reserve (烏山頂泥火山自然保留區) is located in Yanchao District of Kaohsiung. In my country (Poland) there is no mud volcanoes or badlands, so the landscape in Taiwan is very interesting for me. The road through mountains is not so wide, so it's easier driving a scooter to there. Before entering the reserved area, it's necessary to fill in the application form for the entry of this natural reverse. Protected since 1992 as part of Taiwan’s smallest nature reserve (less than 5 hectares in area), the mud volcano is the largest and most impressive of the fifteen or twenty examples found around Taiwan.
In nearby area you can also see Yangnyu Mud Ponds (新養女湖) and a landscape similar to Tianliao Moon World.
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This area is the most dense place of all mud volcanic areas in Taiwan and it's also the most developed place for the mud cone. Due to the spectacular and highly active nature of the cone-shaped mud volcano, the Wushanding Mud Volcano was designated as a natural reserve. The revised area was 3.88 hectares . However, over the past year, due to the special landscape, the terrain of this area has been destroyed. In order to protect this special scene, the reserved area has been specially set up.

In order to protect the natural landscape resources of precious mud volcanoes, the Agriculture Committee announced that it's prohibited to collect natural mineral mud in the park, and it's forbidden to ignite. This Natural Reserve has two mud-cone-type mud volcanoes, with a symmetrical appearance of cone-shaped volcanoes, a special landscape of muddy flow and dry mud cracking, one of the main subjects of the landscape, a typical and beautiful spray cone, up to 3-5 meters. It's the most complete and spectacular mud volcano in Taiwan.

A mud volcano (mud dome) is a landform created by the eruption of mud or slurries, water and gases. Several geological processes may cause the formation of mud volcanoes. Mud volcanoes don't produce lava and aren't necessarily driven by magmatic activity. The Earth continuously exudes a mud-like substance. Mud volcanoes may range in size from merely 1-2 meters high and 1-2 meters wide, to 700 meters high and 10 kilometers wide. The mud produced by mud volcanoes is mostly formed as hot water, which has been heated deep below the Earth's surface, mixed and blended with subterranean mineral deposits. The temperature of any given active mud volcano generally remains fairly steady and is much lower than the typical temperatures found in igneous volcanoes. Mud volcano temperatures can range from near 100°C to occasionally 2°C. Some mud volcanoes are used as "mud baths''.  The interactive effects of the four conditions will result in five types of muddy volcanic topography: cones, shields, basins, pools, and caves.
Only about 700 mud volcanoes are known to exist in the world.

烏山頂泥火山自然保留區 824, Kaohsiung City, Yanchao District, 深水段183之8號

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