November 14, 2019

Chiayi Travel: Dapu Lake (Tsengwen Reservoir) and Qingyun Falls

tsengwen reservoir, chiayi, taiwan

Seems like lately, we have been going out frequently with other foreigners. This time, we met with a Bosnian girl and an Arabian guy, who moved to Taiwan about 3-4 months ago. The Arabian guy is my husband's coworker, and they wanted us to meet because his wife was feeling lonely in the new country. However, the first impression wasn't great. She didn't seem talkative at all, and I felt bored throughout the day. We spent 7-8 hours together, but there wasn't much conversation. I also tried chatting with her on messenger before, and it was the same. Maybe it's not just her problem; lately, I haven't felt like talking much to anyone, although I never had this issue with my friends. Perhaps another time will be better. I still remember when I first moved to Taiwan; I was quite similar to her, finding it difficult to make new friends and unsure of what to talk about. I've changed a lot in the past two years.

I had discovered these places some time ago but didn't have much time to visit them. Maybe I should also search for more information before going somewhere, rather than just looking at pictures. For example, there were a few waterfalls I had no idea how to get to. But it's kind of fun to open Google Maps and say, "Let's go there!"
I was still curious about those waterfalls, so the other day, we found a video on Xiaofei's channel that featured them. It was our first time watching his channel, and it's really cool! Now I know which waterfalls to avoid because he usually finds ones that are difficult to reach. We definitely don't want to climb a river while carrying a child, haha.

Dapu Township (大埔鄉)

Dapu Township (大埔鄉) is the township with the smallest population in Chiayi County. Over 90% of the land is owned by state-owned or security forests, and the largest reservoir in Taiwan, Tsengwen Reservoir, is located here. Since the original river valley plain was flooded by the reservoir, agricultural development is limited, and the township has transformed into a tourism industry. The Zengwen Reservoir Scenic Area is the most significant tourist attraction, and the local pig population has become a major point of interest.

Dapu Township is located south of the Tropic of Cancer, with the population concentrated below 500 meters above sea level. It has a subtropical climate with long summers and short winters. The annual average temperature is about 23.4°C, with the average monthly temperature from May to October above 25°C, peaking at 28.8°C in July. From December to February, the average monthly temperature is lower, with an average minimum temperature of 17.1°C.
The township receives an average annual rainfall of about 2,236 mm, with distinct rainy and dry seasons. The rainy season spans from May to September, accounting for 83.7% of the annual rainfall, particularly during the rainy months of June, July, and August. During this time, the water level of Tsengwen Reservoir noticeably increases. The dry season runs from October to April, with a significant drop in the reservoir's water level.

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Tsengwen Reservoir (曾文水庫)

Tsengwen Reservoir (曾文水庫) is the largest reservoir and lake in Taiwan, covering an area of 17.14 square kilometers. Its primary purpose is to provide irrigation water for the Jianan area. It also serves for power generation, flood control, and sightseeing. Construction of the reservoir began in 1967 and was completed in 1973.

The Tsengwen River Basin, where the reservoir is located, spans a total length of 138.47 kilometers and has a drainage area of 1,176 square kilometers. It is the fourth largest river in Taiwan, with an average annual flow of 1.6 billion cubic meters. The dam is an earth-rock dam with a height of 133 meters, making it the third highest dam in Taiwan. The dam is 400 meters long, with a volume of 9 million cubic meters, making it the largest among Taiwan's reservoirs. The reservoir has a water surface area of 1,714 hectares (17 square kilometers), making it the largest in Taiwan. There are three spillways in Tsengwen Reservoir, each at a different elevation. The minimum discharge rates are 250, 300, and 350 cubic meters per second. When the gates are fully open, the maximum flood discharge can reach 9,470 cubic meters per second.

tsengwen reservoir, chiayi, taiwan

tsengwen reservoir, chiayi, taiwan

tsengwen reservoir, chiayi, taiwan

amwf couple, polish-taiwanese couple, tsengwen reservoir, chiayi, taiwan


We had planned to see four waterfalls (Qingyun, Cuitan, Sanlong, Caoshan), but in the end, we only managed to visit one—Qingyun Waterfall. It's not the best time to see waterfalls due to the dry weather. The water flow was very little or almost nonexistent at Cuitan Falls (翠潭瀑布). We didn't visit the third waterfall on our list, Sanlong Waterfall, because it was difficult to find parking near the road, and we had no idea how to get to the river. We also gave up on Caoshan Waterfall (草山瀑布) halfway through the journey. The road from the main road was very small and looked unsafe. We parked near the river and walked along the path towards the waterfall. However, we noticed that the road was blocked further ahead. It was probably forbidden for scooters to continue, but we weren't sure how far and how difficult it would be to reach the waterfall. Moreover, it was already around 2-3 pm, and it was starting to get darker, so we decided to turn back. In the end, we drove to Baihe to visit the Fire Water Spring, which was quite a distance from there.

Qingyun Falls (青雲瀑布) 

Qingyun Falls is located in Xikou Village and is also known as the Lovers Waterfall. It's one of the famous scenic spots in the Dapu Scenic Area. The Qingyun Waterfall is surrounded by vast green hills. The name "Lovers Waterfall" comes from the fact that the waterfall splits into two streams at the bottom of the pool, symbolizing lovers holding hands towards the future. Qingyun Waterfall is located next to the Dapu Arch Bridge. It is very easy to reach, as it is close to the main road, and there is no need for climbing. During the rainy season, the water flow is more prominent, but it still looks impressive even during the dry season.

Caoshan Waterfall (草山瀑布) 

Caoshan Waterfall is located in Fanlu Township and is a unique waterfall in Chiayi. It cascades from a cliff onto the ground floor, creating a large pool in front of the waterfall, making the waterfall itself appear relatively small. The height of the waterfall becomes more apparent when you climb to the top and look down. If you have a good motorcycle, you can ride all the way to the top and then walk for another 10 minutes. However, cars should be parked at the bottom of the path, and the remaining distance should be covered on foot.

qingyun falls, chiayi, taiwan

qingyun falls, chiayi, taiwan

qingyun falls, chiayi, taiwan

amwf couple, polish-taiwanese couple, qingyun falls, chiayi, taiwan


1. Qingren Falls: 600嘉義縣東區市9鄉道0"N號青雲瀑布
2. Tsengwen Reservoir - Qingren Park: 607嘉義縣大埔鄉雙溪100號情人公園

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