21 November 2017

Visiting the ChengLin Agarwood

What can you do in ChengLin Agarwood? I found this place pretty attractive. A lot of people come there just to walk in the huge garden and try some natural soaps or incense smells. The place has a large parking space for 50TWD and it's the only price you pay there.
It's very nice place to come with kids.

The main attraction here except gift shop is landscaping park with bald cypress changing colors in autumn season. 
One part of the park offers you ponds with bald cypress growing around. It's a nice spot to see how the autumn season changes the trees from green to orange. 
In the pond you will see heart shaped land, people are always waiting to take pictures there. 

Gift shops are pretty interesting. You can learn about the essential oils of agar trees from video or watch exhibition around. The video also offers english subtitles. 
The place offers a lot of essential oils, handmade soaps, shampoos and incense. You can always try them before you buy. 

Walking from shop to the park you will smell the osmanthus bushes blossom on the way. 
The park is really huge and beautiful. You will find plenty of trees there as well as ponds. You can enjoy the beauty of nature and feed some ducks, gooses and fishes. 
You can also take a look at park from higher level. 

You can also see trees which are used to make incenses and perfumes. The introduction video is shop is only in Chinese but they have english subtitles. You can also check out their resting area which offers food and coffee.

632, Yunlin County, Huwei Township, 惠來75-6號澄霖沉香味道森林館 

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