4 February 2018

Hehuanshan - snow and cherry blossom viewing

It's winter time and I miss snow ~~ 
Today we decided to go to mountains in Nantou to play in snow. It's like 3 hours drive from Yunlin. There was a lot of people going to there too. Unfortunately they had a control stop and cars without chains couldn't go. There were few places can rent chains but really expensive. We decided to go back home in the end. But if you want to travel they also have a bus station, but the bus travels not so often. Also you can find taxi nearby which many people seemed to use also.

Hehuanshan is one of National Taiwan Forest Recreation Areas. The 457 hectares area situated 2300 - 3400 meters above sea level is the highest of any recreation areas.
The annual temperature is only 6 degrees. Hehuanshan has cool summers and cold winter, also with snow. 
Usually covered with mist and fogs afternoon gives beautiful sceneries.

Hehuanshan's main peak is the watershed for several major rivers in Taiwan. The mountain climbing, sea of clouds, beautiful sunrise and sunset brings many visitors here.

More about Hehuanshan on: taiwaneverything.ccMore about Shimen Mountain on: taiwaneverything.cc

snow in taiwan, nantou hehuanshan  

When I live in Poland I'm always happy to play with snow in the winter season. Unfortunately in Taiwan it's impossible or just very difficult. In pretty high mountains you still can experience that as well as beautiful cherry blossom. On the way I've seen some blooming trees.

Even though for me it's totally normal, I still felt so excited to go to mountains. I can't imagine a winter without snow, especially Christmas time. I felt really upset about it.

The only bad thing is you need a chain for your tires or take a bus / taxi there if you really want to go. Maybe next year we will back or we'll be lucky to have snow in Poland when we will back for Christmas.  

snowman nantou hehuanshan snow in taiwan 

snow in taiwan hehuanshan nantou amwf couple

By the way, I feel totally cold in the winter time. Houses doesn't have heating system what's totally crazy for me... Sometimes it was below 10 degree and my parents-in-law still open the door. I really miss Poland and heating...
Winter season isn't very long and even the weather is 15 degree, the humidity and wind makes it feels like 0. 
Before I came to Taiwan I used to say it's impossible to feel cold because there seems to have no winter. Well, I was wrong!

hehuanshan nantou taiwan cherry blossom

hehuanshan nantou taiwan cherry blossom  

On the way we also stop to admire the pink cherry blossom. We stopped at Swiss Garden, there is a small park with few trees and lake, but the lake park is not free to enter. They also has a few shops with food and Family Mart. In front of the building you can see colorful umbrellas hanging above the ground.  

hehuanshan nantou taiwan cherry blossom

hehuanshan nantou taiwan cherry blossom  

hehuanshan nantou taiwan cherry blossom

1. 546, Nantou County, Ren’ai Township, 合歡山翠峰風景特定區
2. Swiss Garden, No. 28定遠新村 Ren’ai Township, Nantou County, 546

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