9 February 2018

The legend of Sun Moon Lake

The legend of Sun Moon Lake:

Long time ago in the mountains of Nantou lived tribe called Shao. People mostly planted corn, rice and taro on their farms and went fishing and hunting which was their main food.

One day in the morning they heard loudly sound "boom" and the land starts shaking. The sun was gone. Everyone was upset and crying. They couldn't believe the sun just disappeared. They couldn't do anything else but find their home in darkness.

When the moon came out at night everyone could see again and do some farm work. But suddenly another sound was heard. The houses almost destroyed by this sound. And then the moon was gone also and people start crying again. 

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Since that time the sky didn't have sun and moon. The whole world was covered by darkness. The plants on fields died, fishes hide in deep water, flowers stopped blooming and the animals was lifeless. People was wondering how can they survive without sunlight. 

In the village lived young couple - Da Jian Ge and Shui She Jie, they was thinking of plan how to bring the sun and moon back, otherwise all people would die. 
The next day they start to walk to the forest, determinate to find sun and moon. They climbed mountains and ceised rivers and forests but couldn't find sunlight. 

After long walk they arrive to the top of mountain where they saw a dim of light. They saw the shiny light on top of the lake. They run towards the lake in discovered two dragons playing with sun and moon. They cried when they realised who stolen them and that they were afraid to take it back. 

They sat on the rock. Suddenly white smoke come out from under the rock. They move it away and discovered long and narrow pathway. They went inside and after the smoke was gone, they notice an old white woman cooking in her kitchen.
The woman was surprised to see other people. She told them that long time ago dragons brought her here from the field. They wouldn't let her leave and force her to cook meals for them. 

The young couple told her about dragons stealing sun and moon. She advice them that dragons are afraid of golden scissors and ax hidden under Ali Mountain (Alishan). The scissors and ax thrown into the lake would kill dragons and they could bring sun and moon back. 

The couple went toward the mountain. They found two sticks and started digging all day and night until they found the scissors and ax. They picked them and immediately back to the lake. 
After killing dragons the lake became red of their blood and sun and moon was floating on the water. The couple saved the old woman and tried to figure out how to send sun and moon to the sky again. 

The woman told them that if they eat dragon's eyeball they would became tall and strong enough to bring them back to the sky. 
The couple dived into the lake to find the dragon's eyes. After they eat them, they became to grow. When they go out from the water they we're as tall as mountains. 

The couple together hold the sun and threw into the sky but the sun would fall back again. Their tried few times but both sun and moon wouldn't stay in the sky. Then the old woman advised them to use palm trees to hold them up.
Each of them grabbed a tree, put the sun up and began holding it up. The sun was raised higher and higher. After whole day of hard work the sun would back to normal function. They did the same with the moon. 

Whole world was bright again, the plants started grow and people smiled again. 
The couple was afraid the dragons would back so they stand besides the lake. After many years their bodies bacame mountains - DaJia Shan and ShuiShe Shan and the lake was called SunMoon Lake. 

To show their gratitude, people dedicated dance to this young couple. In the dance people would thrown colorful ball in the air and try to hold it with bamboo stick as a symbol of their brave actions.

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