3 June 2018

Chateau in the air with a lake view

Chateau in the air is castle-like restaurant in the hills of Miaoli. Entering price is 200NTD.
They have two restaurants over there but the one for me looks more interesting. You can enjoy your meal in the nature place. As you sit there, you can also take a look at a lake reservoir near, really beautiful.

chateau in the air miaoli Taiwan amwf couple  

Both restaurants are on different level and if you climb higher, you can also see small church. This place also attract many tourists.
They have a few parking places, unfortunately we parked pretty high place and needed walk down a lot to the restaurant. 

The water there looks really beautiful, later gonna check how this place looks like from closer view.

The Li-yu tan Reservoir is a really quiet place. The parking is free and you can walk in the park near the lake or just take a look from higher level.
There wasn't many people and only one stall where you can buy drinking. 
The dam was constructed in 1985 but first opened at the end of 1992. 

1. Chateau In The Air, No. 33十份 Dahu Township, Miaoli County, 364
2. 369, Miaoli County, Zhuolan Township, 西坪鋸齒堰

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