10 December 2018

The architecture of Daxi Old Street

We are going to see Christmasland today, but first stop in Daxi to look around. 
Finding parking space in Daxi is really difficult. We spend like 15 minutes finding an empty space and it was little over 1 km away from Old Street. I feel little upset today, especially after see woman laying on the road and no one seems to care what happened. People was passing by and none of them stops... 

Daxi is famous for their dried tofu and production of wood furniture. You can also see mausoleum of Chiang Kai-shek and his son Chiang Ching-kuo. Daxi also has many tea plantations and tea factory.
Not long ago we also been in this area to see Shihmen Reservoir and Bald Pine Avenue.

Daxi old street taoyuan Taiwan

Daxi old street taoyuan Taiwan

Daxi is one of 10 most popular small tourist towns. Daxi Old Street (大溪老街) is one of most interesting old streets in Taiwan. The building along Heping Road have beautiful facades which can't find in other places. Not only Heping Road is decorated, if you want pictures of building without people around you should walk nerby streets. One of streets was just the same as an Old Street but without shops and people around.
Next to Daxi Old Street you will also notice Cikang Overpass. It was constructed to look antique and add to the atmosphere of this street.

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Daxi old street taoyuan Taiwan

Daxi old street cikang overpass taoyuan Taiwan

In the past Daxi area was named Dagu. The area was inhabited by Atayal people. The meaning of the name Dagu was big water. Dagu was renamed to Daxu in 1860s, because people thought the name was unlucky. In 1920 the name was changed to Daxi which is still in use today.

In 1810s the agriculture started to develop. This place was prosperous using Dahanxi shipping. At that time small market was also opened. In 1890 due to establishment of North Road Sulfur Monopoly Bureau, this area became a distribution center for camphor, tea and wood. 

Daxi old street taoyuan Taiwan

Daxi old street taoyuan Taiwan

During Japanese era in 1918 came the wave of reconstruction the street. Two brothers Chen Wanglai and Chen Sanchuan learned skill from Japanese and would often apply to the temple's shearing and cross-toe burning facade of the archway. They attracted other people to follow their style. Facades of street houses along the streets become full of complicated decorations. Those Baroque style buildings are a perfect mix of East and West.

Daxi old street taoyuan Taiwan furen temple

In this old part of town you can also see few temples.
The first temple, laying on Heping Road is Furen Temple. This Temple was build in 1813. Inside you can find Gods of Hakka, Taochew and Quanzhou which is very rare.
During Japanese era the temple became military hospital. After two reconstructions the temple is one of largest in Daxi.

Daxi old street taoyuan Taiwan puji temple

The Puji Temple was build in 1902. Development of this temple has gone through three stages. First it was build as private shrine of Jiang family. With the influence of Furen Palace Temple it became an ancestral hall. In 1907 the Puji Temple became open to public. This Temple holds one of most important celebrations in the town.

Daxi old street taoyuan Taiwan temple

Daxi is most famous for their tofu. Daxi Old street is also full of street food. One of famous here are also peanut candies and rice ice-creams. First time I've seen yam pancakes which was a mix of yellow and purple colors. You will find a lot of special food here. If you want to try most famous dishes - prepare to wait. Many shops are full of people, some even waiting for over half hour. 

Daxi old street taoyuan Taiwan rice ice cream

Daxi old street taoyuan Taiwan peanut candy

Daxi old street taoyuan Taiwan yam potato pancakes

On the Heping Road you can see traditional shops selling traditional toys for kids. I've seen many folklore toys made by wood, very different than those from my childhood. 
I also love their post cards, those made by wood in shape of Taiwan with different decorations. 

One of houses was also open to public. You can walk inside and see the style of an old building. They have few pictures and explanation but only in Chinese. The house didn't have much things inside tho.

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Daxi Old Street, Heping Road, Daxi District, Taoyuan City, 335

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