March 15, 2019

Visiting ShiBaJian Shan and Hsinchu Park's cherry blossom

Cherry blossom in full bloow, so we also went to Hsinchu park where plenty of those trees are planted. They have a few kind of trees, most of which already blossom. Also we have seen some new planted trees in that area. 
Due to holiday, the park was very crowded today. 




We also visited ShiBaJian Shan (18 peak mountain) which is located in East District of Hsinchu City. ShibaJian Shan has a long history of becoming a forest park. In 1927 (second year under Japanese rule) this mountain was planed to became forest park called Dongshan Park. During World War II Japanese closed the park and built fortresses and military tunnels there. 
After the recovery of Taiwan ShiBaJian Shan became a military land. The Ministry of National Defense stationed many military facilities on this land. Tourists became prohibited from entering, but the natural forget of this mountains was a preserved. 
With development of Hsinchu City, the mountain was taken over by local government. Soon ShiBaJian Shan was reopened as forest park.
As the name says, ShiBaJian Shan has 18 peaks. The highest is 131 meter above sea level and the lowest 50 meters. The mountain is about 7-8 km long. 
Early March is a flowering season in this mountain park. You can see here cherry blossom and some other kinds of flowers. like kapok, osmanthus etc. 
In the park you can see few resting areas and drinking water.  



Driving along Hsinchu moat park and some nearby area, you can see plenty of kapok trees in bloom, as well as some cherry trees.
Kapok trees are widely planted in Southeast Asian countries. Blooming season is very short, only 2 weeks. The main spot for viewing those flowers is county highway no. 90 in Tainan.

1. 300, Hsinchu City, East District, Unnamed Road, Shibajianshan Trail
2. 300, Hsinchu City, East District, Gongyuan Road, 291號音悅廣場
3. Zhongyang Park, East District, Hsinchu City, 300
4. 300, Hsinchu City, East District, Zhongyang Road, 與號府後街 交叉口 Hsinchu Moat Park

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