2 March 2019

The history of glass art in Taiwan

Hsinchu is the center of Taiwanese glass and has over 100 years of history. Taiwanese glass art began in 1887 in Taipei. They used hand blown glass techniques. 
The glass industry in Hsinchu didn't begin until 1920. In the beggining the factory was only making wine bottles. First glass factory in Hsinchu was opened in 1925. The glass factory specialized only in making candle lids, fly-catching lamps, medicine bottles, traffic lights, thermometers and similar things. With a few companies established, Hsinchu became the an important city of Taiwanese glass. 

In response to increasing market demands in just a few years there were over 30 manufactures established. 
The glass craft department was opened in 1960. Artists started to make glass vases and all types of decorative glasses like flowers or fruits. It also opened the door for trading of Taiwanese glass. From this time there was many glass craft factories opened. 
The glass Museum in Hsinchu was opened in 1999. The museum was closed for renovation, so we visited another place - Lukang Glass Gallery. Before I introduced Glass Mazu Temple which was build by artists of Glass Gallery. This temple is the showcase of glass art.

lukang changhua Taiwan glass gallery glass temple  

  The place is really worth visiting. Taking space on two flours glass gallery is full of beautiful glass art. On the first floor you will also find some shops (not only with glass) and a DIY course.  
The entrance is totally free and the parking space really huge. Opened everyday 8am - 6.30pm. We have been there before closing time, so there was no other people and we could freely walk all around.  
lukang changhua Taiwan glass gallery glass temple amwf couple

lukang changhua Taiwan glass gallery glass temple  

Lukang's Glass Gallery is the major tourist destination in Changhua with even 10,000 visitors everyday. 
One of their exhibition is a Golden Tunnel build out of 3,600 glass mirrors. This spectacular 72 meter long glass tunnel requires you to wear slippers and walk softly.
The most amazing of all glass art is the Temple build between two of gallery buildings.

lukang changhua Taiwan glass gallery glass temple
Their glass art is very realistic. You will see butterflies, bugs, flowers and other plant. One of amazing art is their lotun pond with a bridge you can walk through, all made of glass!
You can also see miniatures of temples mady by wood with glass decorations and light illuminations. And not too huge the Taipei 101 building. 

lukang changhua Taiwan glass gallery glass temple

lukang changhua Taiwan glass gallery glass temple amwf couple

Taiwan Glass Gallery, No. 30, Lugong South 4th Road, Lukang Township, Changhua County, 505

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