23 September 2017

AMWF couple: I took my husband mushrooms hunting

We back to Poland for 3 weeks, the weather this time is pretty nice. I decided to take my husband mushrooms hunting. This year was not too wet in this region so probably we can't find much. He never been picking mushrooms in the forest. In Taiwan no one do that, people only buy mushrooms in shops. I hope it will be a nice experience for him.

Mushrooms hunting (in Polish: grzybobranie) is very popular around Poland. It's one of activities a family can do around July to September. Even kids enjoy running around forests, often showing any kind of mushroom they find to their parents.
It's like a tradition, our grandparents did, our parents did, we do it to. Maybe people will forget about it soon, kids these days doesn't want to do it...
People often doesn't have time, but when the weekend comes they will prepare everything and go picking mushrooms. Often very early, about 5am. Why? Everyone want to be first to have a chance to find them!

As a kid, when my family talked about picking mushrooms I was always excited and want to go. I didn't care it's 5 am or 10 am, every time was good. Often we went with a few family members. Older people didn't care, but for kids is kind of rivalry. Everyone want to have more mushrooms than another. Sometimes we spend in forest a few hours trying to find any, but there was almost nothing. But we don't give up, mushrooms grow everyday so everyday is another chance to hunt them.

Poland is rich with forests, they cover 30% of territory and most of them are accessible to the public. 
Many people will pick mushrooms to sell them. If you travel around Poland, often you can see people near the road selling them.

In other countries is not so common to pick mushrooms. Why? In many places need to pay or there are limits of how many you can pick. And most important, people are afraid to pick poisonous mushrooms. 
Since childhood I pick a lot of mushrooms every year and I would say it's not hard to recognize them. Mostly I only pick the one with sponge under hat. They are more safe.
Picking mushrooms is free and there is no limit of how many mushrooms you can take, so if you are lucky, you will leave forests with full baskets.

We wasn't lucky at all! After nearly one hour, we had maybe 10 mushrooms. Such a pity. My husband left boring in the end. Anyway he found a lot of mushrooms, but they wasn't eatable (or at least my family never pick them). I still cooked him meal from those we found because he really likes mushrooms. 

How people keep mushrooms long time? After we clean them (this is the worst part of mushrooms hunting) we can freeze (cooked first), dry or pickle them.
Mushrooms are full of vitamins and minerals, 100g of mushrooms = 15 kcal.

The tradition of homememade pickles is know in Poland since hundreds of years. We pickle mushrooms with mixture of boiled water, vinegar and some spices. It's served as side dish or accompaniment to cold hams or sausages. Unfortunately it's not common anymore, since we can easily buy them, many people will not waste time to make their own.

People here are soup lovers! We have many kind of soups, one of them is mushroom soup. You can use fresh or dried mushrooms to make it. It's really easy and full of flavor. This is also one of traditional food served for Christmas.

Mushrooms can be used as stuffing for dumplings or cabbage rolls (gołąbki). You can make very aromatic sauce using them. Put into your salad. There are really many dishes that involve them! 


  1. HI Zaneta, I loved your post and I've been looking around for information on locations for mushroom hunting in Taipei, haven't found any online. I'm a beginner and would just like to learn, do you have any tips on which mountains to go hunting? Not for eating but just learning the species that grow here

    1. Unfortunately, I never heard about people going mushroom hunting in Taiwan

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    you might need a walkie talkie while going out for hunt. this is a small suggestion from my side