27 September 2017

AMWF couple : Gardening and barbeque in Poland

My husband thinks that my countryside looks like one big field. Sometimes you can see homes, but often they are not very near each other. Everyone has their place to plant whatever they want which he really likes. We also bought some seeds and he planted them in my flower bed. He also wanted to do some garden work, he pick some bad weeds, although it's not a season for planting. 

This time we are mostly busy doing paper work. There is a lot of documents need to translate and legalize and not much time. Getting our Chinese translations we also visitedo botanical garden in Łódź. My husband could also see old style countryside house.
It's already beginning of autumn season. On some trees the leaves starts to became orange, but mostly still green everywhere. Also a lot of butterflies fly around blooming flowers. 

Gardening has a long tradition in Poland. It's one of the way to relax in the fresh air and spend time with your family. Many people has their own garden, they take care of them themselves. People spend a lot of time planting flowers and shrubs, watering grass, trimming hedges. We are proud of our gardens!
People who doesn't have much time often plant fruit trees and conifers, since they doesn't need as much attention. 

People which take care of their gardens tend to be more happy. Everyday activities definitely make your health better and life more beautiful. You can live longer. 
Gardening doesn't only means planting flowers or decorative trees. Many people also plant vegetables. That's popular especially on countrysides.

My husband envy that people have gardens and plant whatever they want. He doesn't know it's often hard work, if you plant a lot of vegetables. In the future he wants to have his own small farm, but it's seems not easy in Taiwan. The land is very expensive, unless we live in mountains.
We have a friend doing farm work in Nantou and sometimes visit him, but he never had a chance to do much of work except to cut and pack some lettuce.

One of the way to relax in the garden is barbeque. People love spending time with family or friends eating food among nature. Many woman want to make their skin more tan. It's often a good place to stay almost naked and no one around can see you. I mean if you live on the countryside, near city homes are near each other and people often watch their neighbors too.
For many people it's hard to imagine living in the city, without your own green place and a few pets running freely around.

We also had barbeque at my aunt's place. It's different experience than in Taiwan. In Taiwan people will sit near the road on a small land, barbeque and talking. They don't have place to put table or beautiful barbeque place like we have in Poland. Also in Taiwan it's not every weekend activity but something more special like for Middle Autumn Festival.  

Now I live in Taiwan, here is no space for even a tiny garden. People keep flowers in pots, often in very small place or on balcony. Also no space to keep pets here. Although life here is convenient, many shops and restaurants everywhere. 
In my home in Poland I have much land I can use. I enjoy planting flowers, different fruits and vegetables. I enjoy watching them grow, everyday they change a little. 
What's better than your own fruits and vegetables? They are 100% healthy and ecological. It's the reward you get from taking care of them all year.

In our free time, we also bought wedding rings. I wanted to have onever, even we didn't have real wedding. My husband seems doesn't like to wear it... I don't want to force him but would be happy if he does wear from time to time. 
We collected all documents for my visa. One of most important we got just 2 hours before our flight... That was stressful we didn't have enough time. I needed to change my ID card, passport and do some other things. It all need 2-4 weeks, especially passport takes long time. Fortunately everything is done, now only get visa and we can rest from doing all that paper work.

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