13 May 2018

Hydrangeas in bloom at Lavender Cottage

It's a hydrangea season now. I wanted go to Yang Ming Shanbut my husband thought it will be too crowded, so we came to farm in Miaoli. This place was dedicated to lavender, but isn't as famous as the Lavender Cottage in Taichung
This place was really crowded, made it even difficult to walk in some part of farm since everyone tried to take pictures of flowers...

They didn't have much of hydrangeas but still can see many other flowers blossom now. There is also a small train to bring kids around this farm. 
As everywhere you can enjoy food and drinking and even exchange your ticket for a flower.

Actually this Lavender Cottage didn't have much lavender around and wasn't as beautiful as the place we have seen last year. I would totally recommend to go to Lavender Cottage in Taichung, because that place was really amazing in lavender blossom season.

I still want to visit Yangmingshan, because I've seen many of beautiful pictures from hydrangeas farm and this place kind of disappointed me.

This Lavender Cottage is close to Ming-te Resorvoir. We drive around but couldn't see much, except from one temple and the water didn't look very clean. The reservoir has a small island inside but the entrance isn't free. 

We also came to another peaceful place of Miaoli - Yongheshan Reservoir. Unfortunately the weather isn't good today, already starts to rain. 

I like this kind of view, especially since we moved to city and the only thing I see are buildings, buildings and more buildings...

The place is nice and quiet, not many people come here.

Yongheshan Reservoir was build over 4 years and finished in 1984. The water level is 89.5 meter height. 
The reservoir supplies the water to public sections.

1. 362, Miaoli County, Touwu Township, 明德村仁隆66-2號薰衣草森林(明德店)
2. Yongheshan Reservoir, No. 526, Shuiyuan Road, Toufen City, Miaoli County, 351

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