3 May 2018

Where to enjoy nature in Hsinchu (Part I)

17 km scenic coastline area map

In Nanliao Harbour you can rent a bike to travel the 17 km coastline scenic area. The old harbour has a park, beach and a lot of street food. 

Traveling this 17 km long bikeway you will see beaches, huge wetland, parks, few bridges and a lot of nature. This scenic area has more than dozen of wind turbines on the coast and became a very special landscape. 

One of places on the way is Kanhai park which gives a nice sea view from a higher level.

Another stop is really interesting - the crab watching trail. The trail is 250 meter long and you can watch different animals like crabs, shellfishes, birds.
It was a season for crabs, so we have seen really a lot. I could notice at least 4 different races there. 

crab watching trail

Xiangshan Wetlands cover an area of 1768 hectares and it's the largest wetland in Northern Taiwan. 
In 1996 it was declared a part of Eastern Asia-Pacific Water Bird Protection Network. 
In 2001 became Coastline Wildlife Reservation Area of Hsinchu City and in 2013 a National Wetlands of Importance. 

crab watching trail

Depend to season you will see different animals (about 41 species of animals) on Xiangshan Wetland. You can go inside the Meishan Discovery Pavilion to see a small exhibition and a short movie about those wetlands. 

On the way you will also see a Haishan Fishing Port. In this place you can see endangered Taiwanese tidal crabs. It's the main habitat for up to 80% all population of crabs

The last stop on this coastline area is a Nangang Bird Watching Area. The beach looks beautiful with little hills. The sand covering plants for many years formed the hills. The entrance on the beach is not allowed due to animals protection.

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