8 September 2018

Taiwanese street food: popular desserts

1. Ice cream and peanut roll (花生捲冰淇淋)

This unusual ice cream is made by ice cream wrapped in popiah with shaved peanut brittle and coliander. Popiah is a soft, thin crepe or pancake made of wheat flour. Brittle is made by mixing nuts with caramelised sugar.
This dessert originated from Yilan but become popular all around Taiwan. 

ice cream peanut roll from yilan

peanut brittle taiwan

2. Mochi (麻糬)

This dessert originate from an aboriginal recipe of Taiwan but is well known in many Asian countries and comes in different styles. 
Made of sweet rice flour with water and cooked until forms sticky white mass. Can be filled with peanut, sesame, beans or more simply covered with peanut powder.
You can find them cold or boiled, both of them really good.

boiled mochi with peanut sesame and covered with peanut

In the early Taiwanese society the name of this desert was doushu, but under Japanese influence became better known as mochi.

In Taiwan there are three different kind of Mochi: the Hans, Hakka and the aborigine. The aborigine version uses milet instead of glutinous rice and it's called Dulun. 

In the past served during ceremonies and festival without any added flavor. 
In Hakka culture woman prepare mochi for wedding parties. It's a symbol of the union and stickiness of the couple. 

boiled mochi sesame peanut

You can see mochi on many of Taiwanese streets. Mochi is best eaten fresh.
This dessert is very very chewy which also caused some death for non careful kids and older people which didn't take their time on chewing well.

colorful mochi Taiwanese street food

3. Tofu pudding (豆花, dou hua)

Tofu pudding is made with very soft tofu and originated in ancient China. 
Douhua is served with sweet toppings like peanuts, beans, tapioca balls and syrup. Served with crushed ice in the summer or warm during winter. 

4. Glutinous rice dumplings (湯圓, tangyuan)

Tangyua is a dessert made of glutinous rice flour mixed with small amount of water. You can see two versions of this food, small unfilled and bigger filled with sesame, peanut or red beans. Usually cooked in sweet syrup, in the past was eaten during festivals.

tangyuan peanut sesame

tangyuan, sweet dumplings, taiwan

5. Egg tarts (蛋撻, Dàntà)

Egg tarts are kind of custard tarts found in various countries. The pastry crust is filled with egg custard and baked. This dessert originate from China in 1920 and was first introduced to Hong Kong in 1940. Egg tarts have 2 main kind of crust - short crust pastry and puff pastry. Sometimes to egg tarts is added black sugar jelly inside.

6. Shaved ice and snowlake shaved ice  

Shaved ice is made by shaving blocks of ice. The ice is covered with some sauce, fruits, beans, nuts or any other ingredients. Shaved ice originates from Taiwan.
To make snowflake shaved ice are used condensed milk, chocolate or fruit flavor ice blocks. Decorated with fruits it's something really delicious. This is more fluffy and similar to ice creams.

 7. Jelly (草)

You can find different kind of jelly here, from fruit flavors to herb (grass jelly (仙草, xian cao), ayu jelly (愛玉)). Grass jelly is made with Chinese mesona plant which is member of mint family. Can be served chilled or hot with different toppings.
Aiyu are seeds of ficus pumila plants. Those seeds are dried, soaked in water and condensed to jelly.

jelly Taiwan old street
aiyu seeds

8. Candied / caramelised sweet potatoes

Candied sweet potatoes are cooked in a sugary syrup with some species for about 1 hour. 
For caramelised ones, cooked and cooled down sweet potatoes are simmered in a caramel for about 20 minutes. After dried the caramel outside became crispy.

candied sweet potatoes

9. Peanut candy (花生糖, Huāshēng táng)

10. Candied fruits (冰糖葫蘆, Bingtang hulu)

it's a snack traditionally made of candied chinese hawthorn, but nowadays you can find versions with tomatoes, strawberries and other fruits. 

11. Fried milk (炸牛奶, Zhà niúnǎi

This dessert is made of milk, sugar, cirn flour and egg whites. After mix all ingredients, the consistency become more thick. After cool in the fridge for a few hours, it's cut and Pan fried. 

12. Fried dough (油條, Yóutiáo)

Long deep fried dough,  usually served with soy milk, almond milk. 

13. Egg rolls 

14. Sugar cane juice 

15. Peanut candies (糖蔥, tang cong)

Sugar with water is boiled then cooled down to make paste. Sugar is then pulled, cut into pieces and coated with peanuts.

16. Fried maltose cookies (麻荖, ma lao)

Those cookies are made of glutinous rice and fried to make their size bigger. After cool down are coated with maltose mixed with sugar and wrapped in sesame, peanuts or coconut.

17. 花生捲 (hua sheng tang)

Made of peanut sugar and maltose.

18. Black sesame candie (黑芝麻, hei zhi ma)

Made of sesame and maltose 

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