8 December 2017

Huwei Puppet Museum and Story House

Puppet Theatre Museum (雲林布袋戲館)

Yunlin Puppet Theater on the first floor displays various special exhibitions of puppets in Yunlin. On the second floor displays many precious puppet-related cultural relics such as Huang Haiyan. You can also see there puppet show. When we went there, they was opening the show at 14.30, not sure other timings. The entrance is free and you can also visit old jail in part of the building. 

The Huwei County Office was originally the administrative organ of Huwei County in Tainan Prefecture during the Japanese occupation. It was announced by the Yunlin County Government as a historical building on October 31, 2001. It's now the Yunlin Puppet Theater. During the 2013 Yunlin Agricultural Expo, it was selected as the highlight of the agricultural blog.  

Huwei County Office was set up in 1920, but it was completed in 1931. After World War II in 1946 it was changed to the Huwei District Police Station. In the 38th year of the Republic of China, it was reorganized into the Huwei Branch of the Yunlin County Police Station. In 1989 Huwei Branch was moved to the new site of Guangfu Road.
In 1999, Yunlin County Government entrusted the National Yunlin University of Science and Technology to investigate and research, and proposed the “Theme Pavilion of Huwei Town”, which was later planned to start in 2002. Architect Li Zhenglong overhaul the design, the restoration project was undertaken by Renfa Construction, and finally completed in 2007 and used as a Yunlin Puppet Theater.

The "half-wood building" that blends a variety of media is an experimental design at the time. The brick building uses the clean water red brick imported from Macao, and still retains its original brick color. The building is equipped with a ventilation system that allows the room to cool down without air conditioning. The window uses a "balance weight hammer sliding window". This building has witnessed the development of the Huwei area, with historical significance and architectural value.

More about Puppet Theatre on: taiwaneverything.cc - huwei-puppet-theater

Story House (雲林故事館)

The Yunlin Story House, formerly known as the Huwei County Shouguan, was founded in 1920 - 1923. It's a fairly complete Japanese-style house, the highest in the Huwei County class (high-rise building). In 1950, when local self-government was implemented, and it was changed to the dormitory of Yunlin District Court, and the kitchen was extended externally.

In 2000, the "Huwei Wenshi Studio" initiated a preservation campaign to renovate, paint, remove the covered parts and the wall. On September 5, 2001, it was designated as a county-level historical building.
The official residence of the Huwei County Office is now the "Yunlin Story House".
The Yunlin Story House opens a picture book production teaching course every year, and cultivates Yunlin people who are interested in the production of picture books to become picture book writers. 

In 2007, the Huwei County Guardian's ruins and monuments were used as the Yunlin Story House to gather local life, art, education, culture, train local story volunteers, tour local stories for the people, and collect literary works of local literary writers. In recent years, the Yunlin Story House has gone to Yunlin to go through the storytelling of Yunlin writers.
The entrance to this place costs 50 NTD, if you comes from Huwei it's free to go.  

Fire station (虎尾合同廳舍)

Huwei Contract Hall was built in 1903. It's the emergency relief building for the fire department in Taiwan during the Japanese occupation period. The four-storey tower overlooking the town is the tallest architectural landmark in Huwei. The building was registered as a historic building on October 31, 1990, and the restoration was completed in December 1995. In December 2013, Eslite Bookstore and Starbucks Coffee were opened as the first stores in Yunlin County.

The space organization is like a façade. The space is divided into left and right areas by the middle entrance. The first floor is divided into two areas with independent exits. They can be used independently and also from the inside to the center. The interior space of the contract hall consists of three parts: the police station directly under the jurisdiction, the fire department, and the public hall.


1. No. 498, Section 1, Linsen Road, Huwei Township, Yunlin County, 632
2. No. 528, Section 1, Linsen Road, Huwei Township, Yunlin County, 632

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