9 October 2019

The monkey valley in Taidong

It's the last day in Taidong (stayed here only for 2 days), tomorrow gonna head to Hualien. Thanks to my husband's uncle we seen some places most local people would go and many shortcuts that google maps will never show you. Unfortunately one day it was pretty much rainy, that we could only see museum. Road to Hualien its going to have many of attractions on the coastal area. Hope to see as many as possible, but we also needed to cancel some of our plans due to not much time.
Seeing wild monkeys is my first time experience. We been there twice, because first day the weather was too bad. Monkey followed me, I was scared and jumped in the car quickly. Unfortunately the animal sited on our car's roof, doors, mirror... 
East coast is very beautiful, unfortunately we didn't have a chance to go to the beach. Usually we just took quick stop at many nearby places to see as much as possible.

Donghe village (泰源幽谷)

From Donghe Bridge along the Dongfu Highway into the coastal mountains, you can reach the famous Taiyuan Valley. It's surrounded by mountains and eroded by rivers to form canyon terrain. Taiyuan Valley is also a paradise for Taiwanese macaques. Monkeys often can be seen in the woods or directly asking for food from tourists, forming an unique scenery. It's also the best place to enjoy monkeys in Taidong, bringing more to the journey.
Monkeys are very easy seen close to bridge in the area. Be careful and don't bring anything out of your car, they will chase you. It's just a quick stop, not so far away from the main coastal road.

Donghe Township has an old name of Fafukod (馬武窟), which means "fishing by net" in the Ami language. Many of its prehistory artifacts was found at Dulan Site. In 1920, during Japanese rule, the Toran local office was set up. In 1937, it was changed to Toran Village (都蘭庄), under Shinkō District (新港郡), Taitō Prefecture. The name "Donghe Township" was established after World War II and is currently used.


Jinyu Recreation Area consists of a small bay, an offshore reef, a long sandy beach and a coastal cliff. The bay is shaped like a wine glass and is called "Golden Dragonfly". Jinmao has a 3km stretch of soft beaches. 

Amis Folk Center (阿美族民俗中心)

The Ami Folk Center is located next to the headquarters of the East Tube Office and covers an area of ​​about 2 hectares. There are outdoor performance plazas, outdoor stands for 2,000 people, archery experience areas, Ami traditional houses, etc. DIY to make Ami beading, traditional instrumental flute, or to enjoy Ami traditional song and dance performances, not only to experience the Ami culture, but also to play with parents and children.
The Ami Folklore Center was completed in November 1995. The main building's sacred houses and homes were hand-painted according to the Japanese ethnologist Qian Qianyan. Figure, imitating the priests of the Taiba Bengshe in Hualien County to build a home, visit here, you can see the unique living culture of the Ami.
Ami traditional houses are mostly made of thatch
In addition to visiting the famous buildings and understanding the beauty of the Ami architecture, the folk center also has tribal cultural relics exhibitions, handicrafts, special products exhibitions, food service, etc. 

The Ami ethnic group is located in the east of the Liwu River and east coast of the East Coast. It has a population of about 140,000 and is the most populous group of Taiwan's aboriginal people. The Ami still retains a rich traditional culture. The Harvest Festival is the most representative traditional ritual. It's held every summer to celebrate the harvest of millet, sacrifice ancestors and gods. The ceremony is full of blessing and gratitude, and emphasizes the ethics of pursuing the future and uniting and harmonious. Concept.

Since the Ami is dominated by the matriarchal society, the ideal Ami family house is a long and wide house with an internal capacity of about 20 people.
In terms of building materials, Ami traditional houses are mostly made of thatched roof, wood as pillars, vertical bamboos as side walls, and indoor rattan-woven elevated beds. Generally, houses usually need to be demolished after more than ten years of residence. The thatch on the roof needs to be replenished every year, and every three to four years need to be replaced.


The Ami language is "Paong'ong". There are two kinds of sayings about the origin of place names. One is the tribe for the nearby Kanatoron Creek and Chiinawan Creek. The Ami people It is called paongowan; the other is because the tribe has many plants of Papaongay. The buds of this plant have refreshing functions, and after burning, they can repel mosquitoes. It is said that children eat Papaongay's buds and go to school. More spiritual learning. Over time, this is called Paong'ong, which is called Papaongay.

Museum of natural history (台東縣自然史教育館)

Taitung County Natural History Education Center displays  collection of 557 kinds of shell specimens, mineral display rooms, collecting marine treasures and ores from all over the world, combining natural resources and teaching functions,
The mineral exhibition room on the third floor displays more than 200 ore rocks in Hualien and Taitung, including gemstones from the coastal mountains, sapphire. You can see contrast between original stone and carved stone.
Taiwan's Lanbao original stone was first unearthed during the Japanese colonial rule in Taiwan. It was discovered by the aborigines in Dulan Mountain. It is a 70-centimeter, 30-centimeter, 30-cm-long blue translucent stone that officially unveiled the East Coast Mountains. upsurge.


1. Dongfu Road, Donghe Township, Taitung County, 959
2. 959, Taitung County, Donghe Township, 省道台11線
3. No. 25, Xincun Road, Chenggong Township, Taitung County, 961
4. 961, Taitung County, Chenggong Township, 和平里
No. 16, Jihui Road, Chenggong Township, Taitung County, 961


  1. Hello, It looks fantastic! no pollution like in the north..I have not been to Taidong for a decade..it is a shame!

    1. Yes, Taidong is amazing! I start to miss it as soon as went back home haha the sea and beaches in west of Taiwan are nothing like that

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