16 October 2019

Visiting Sanxiantai

Sanxiantai (三仙台) is a well-known tourist attraction in Taidong County. It's located about three kilometers northeast of the Chengli Town. It consists of an offshore small island, a coral reef coast and a gravel coast. The area is about 22 hectares and it takes about one hour to visit it. Due to less human disturbance, it's also an important base for studying coastal plant ecology and is listed as a nature reserve. The Ami language nuwalian means "the most eastern place" and the Pisirian means "the land of the shepherd".
Sanxiantai is now included in the management of the Eastern Coast National Scenic Area. It has the “Sanxiantai Tourist Service Center”, which provides ecological environment introduction and tourism related consulting services.

At the highest point of about 77 meters above sea level, it belongs to the volcanic agglomerate of the Tuoshan Mountain. It gradually becomes an offshore island from the horn by the erosion of seawater over the years. There are raised coral reefs around. The north side of the sea otter is a gravel beach, and when the tides and waves rush to wash the beach, it will make a loud sound. Due to long-term weathering and seawater erosion, many unique sea-eroded terrains such as sea-eroded columns, potholes and tunnel-type sea-eroded gates have been formed. The successful town from Sanxiantai to the west is a multi-layered sea-level topography, a stepped sea terrace.

The volcanic agglomerate is the main body of the Sanxiantai strata. There are many sea-eroded columns in the whole area. There are smaller sea-eroded columns near the parking lot. The three large sea-eroded columns are located on Sanxiantai Island, with a height of about 80 meters. There are many potholes on the northern end of the island. The largest diameter is 5 meters and the depth is 4 meters. There is a tunnel type sea erosion gate (Acacia Cave) on the northeast coast. It's 58 meters long, 3 meters wide and 3 meters high. Along the block rock, running through the northeast of the island, is a shortcut to the south bank of the island. Taiwan Sea Coastal plants such as jujube, white water wood and lentils can be seen here.

The Han people and the local Ami people have their own legends about Sanxiantai. According to legend, Li Tiezhu, Lu Dongbin and He Xiangu in the "Eight Immortals" once stopped on the island, leaving three immortals in the mountains, hence the name Sanxiantai.
The Ami people circulated the story of Sanxiantai’s possession of the patron saint "Wu'an".

Sanxiantai Lighthouse is located on the second rock peak of Sanxiantai Island, there are 287 stone steps for people to climb from the bottom of the rock to the location of the lighthouse.
In order to facilitate tourists to board the island, an eight-arch cross-sea pedestrian bridge was built in 1987. Because of its beautiful shape, it has become a local landmark.
There are fixed fishing nets in the waters between Sanxiantai and Baishoulian, Taiwan's main island. The fishermen apply to the Xingang District Fisheries Association to place them here.

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