24 June 2020

Butterfly Garden of Jinshihu Scenic Area

Golden Lion Lake (Jinshihu)

Jinshi Lake is located in the upper reaches of the Love River in the northeast of Kaohsiung City. It was originally called "Dayu" and lived next to Lion's Head Mountain. Its water source comes from Dingjinzhen on the east side of the expressway.
Shishan was originally called "Hutoushanzi". After Taiwan's recovery, it was determined by the Kansei division that there is a spiritual point in the Hutou Mountain. From the top of the mountain, you can also overlook the green fields of BanpingShan, Shoushan and Gaoping Plains, where you can enjoy the coolness of the lake and the panoramic view of the lake.
Jinshihu Park covers an area of 25 hectares, of which the water area is about 11 hectares. The land area includes the lake peninsula and the hinterland of the north and south sides, covering an area of about 14 hectares.

Fudungjin Baoan Temple

Fudungjin Baoan Temple is located on the bank of Jinshi Lake. The history of the temple can be traced back to 1883. It's a Taoist temple of the three princes of Marshal.
In 1851-1861, Dingjin residents welcomed the statue of  Marshal and in 1883 built a temple. After World War II, in 1952, it was reconstructed at the intersection of Xiang Road and Dingjinzhong Street. After several renovations, it was moved to the Jinshi Lake  in 1998. The original site has been changed to the Xiangke Building and market.

The temple is a palace-style building of North China. The main hall is the Marshal of the Chinese altar, accompanied by the Virgin Mary in the right hall, the goddess of birth, the Zuodian Erlang God, Zhengshen and so on. On the third floor ia Taiyi Hall on the right, and the left hall is respected by the sixty-year-old star. On the fourth floor is the Lingbao Hall, respected by the Jade Emperor, accompanied by the Three Kingdoms. The bell and drum tower stands side by side, and the design is generous and elegant.
In the 1980s of the Republic of China, the temple hall was first completed, and was appointed by the director of the Kaohsiung City Poetry and Calligraphy Society, Mr. Chen Qixian.

Butterfly Garden 

1. M88G+QG Kaohsiung, Gushan District, Kaohsiung City
2. No. 36, Dingjin 1st Ln, Sanmin District, Kaohsiung City, 807
3. No. 25, Dingjin 1st Ln, Sanmin District, Kaohsiung City, 807

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