7 July 2020

Black and white - beaches of Taiwan

Depend to where are you in Taiwan, you may find different types of beaches. Some are brown/black, some sand is more white/golden. Some even are covered with shells or pebbles. When I imagine beach, I always think about golden sand and beautiful blue sea. That's quite different in most of Taiwan. The beach was dark, often covered with many big or small stones. But as I travel more and more, we also seen many beautiful ones. Some had lava stones on them, some was nearly entirely covered with shells and corals and had beautiful blue water, especially those in Xiaoliuqiu. Living in Tainan, the nearest beaches witch golden sand can be found in Kenting. Even during coronavirus timing, there are plenty of people on weekends. 

Black sand beaches form due to the erosion of volcanic rock. As the eroded rock moves toward the ocean, it breaks up and forms small sediments by the time it reaches the ocean. Most of West coast, as well as beaches in Yilan have dark sand. 
Pebble beaches are made up entirely or mostly of pebbles. Pebble beaches form when pebbles transported by ocean currents are placed on the shore by high-energy waves. They are also known as shingle beaches and this type of beach is popular among rock collectors as the pebbles can be decorative and unique.
Boulder beaches are composed of boulders that cover the shorelines. The size of the boulders ranges from tiny pebbles to huge house-sized boulders.

Another type of beach is white/golden sand. Usually seen in North coast or South (Kenting), as well as on Taiwan's islands. 
Seashell beaches are made up mostly or entirely of seashells. The shells are from dead animals like crabs, snails, and other mollusks/crustaceans, usually washed up on shore by the waves. Percentage of shells can differ from 40 to even 100% shells. There is one beach in Taiwan with 96% shells, which is prohibited to enter. 

1. No. 90, Nanhe Road, Fangshan Township, Pingtung County, 941
2. 941, Pingtung County, Fangshan Township, 台1線
3. 946, Pingtung County, Hengchun Township, 白砂路

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