19 January 2018

2 of beautiful Temples in Yunlin

There are plenty of temples around Taiwan, but not all of them are really interesting. I want to introduce two of interesting temples I visited in Yunlin.

Cih Guang Temple is a Japanese style temple placed in the mountains of Guken. 
Near the place you can also find coffee shops and enjoy mountain view. 

The style is very different than temples I used to visit. This place is not colorful but with the lake and elephants protecting the entrance makes me feel like a beautiful peaceful place. 

Although there is not much to say about this place. I couldn't find any information and for most of people it's just a temple, one of many, really many can see in Taiwan. 

Maybe after longer time I'll not feel excited to visit temples anymore just like I don't visit church because I have seen plenty of them before.

For me the Chifa Matsu Temple in Huwei is one of most beautiful. It's my second time to come here since I really admire this place. I don't know much about Buddhism anyway so for me it's just watching different style buildings. 

Chifa Matsu temple was build in 1993. The building is really huge and worship many Gods.  

Around temple you can see different kind of plants with little fish pond and beautiful water lilies. The plants around temple are really expensive and there are plenty of them.

The temple is surrounded with rice fields. Rice is also something I didn't see before. Getting excited to see it? For my husband I'm totally weird, it's just a plant, one of many and very very normal.

At the time we went there, there was still another part of the temple build on the other side of the road but wasn't finished yet.

Buddhism isn't my religion and I don't know much about it. My husband feels a little weird about visiting temples and taking pictures.
Probably if someone said they like watching church and keep taking pictures around I would have similar feeling.

1. 632, Yunlin County, Huwei Township, 頂溪里西園46號持法媽祖宮
2. 646, Yunlin County, Gukeng Township, 大湖口1-1號慈光寺

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