11 January 2018

Popular street food of Huwei (Yunlin)

1. Chinese herb Duck Noodles 

Being in Huwei we couldn't miss the most famous duck noodle shop. The soup with Chinese herbs is really tasty and the shop always full of people. 

The Chinese herbs used to make this soup are jujube, ginger, goji berries, ginseng and some others. Seasonings with duck are cooked long time on a low fire. 
Also the noodles are homemade by owners which make this place and flavor really unique. 

The soup is especially good in a cold day. Chinese herb gives you nice warm feeling. 
The shop is most famous for their duck noodle soup but they also serve few other dishes. They also have their own way to cut duck hearts. 

Their dried noodles are also great and worth trying.

2. Beef Noodle soup

Another my favourite dish in Taiwan are beef noodles which are also considered as national dish. 

The beef meat is cooked long time which makes it very tender. Chinese herb flavour of this soup is really good.
They have two different flavors to choose. I always choose strong flavor which is the best for me.
The shop in Huwei is really my favourite, their meat is definitely cooked perfectly.

The shop has a few dishes to choose like different flavour beef noodles, kimchi soup (which also taste interesting), braised rice or dumplings.
Also the dumplings can be served instead of noodles with the same beef soup.

3. Rice cakes 

Another two famous shops are serving rice cakes.

Rice cakes are steamed and covered with meat mince and some sauce. Those didn't have anything except some meat. According to my husband in the past they had more things inside like egg yolk, chestnut and mushrooms.

4. Cong you bing 

The pancake is made of dough with minced scallions with an egg covered one side. The size is really big and half of Cong you bing costs only 30 twd.

5. Dumplings 

Those traditional steamed dumplings are really good and very juicy inside.

6. Candied sweet potatoes 

Sweet potatoes are cooked is sweet syrup to make stronger sweet flavour.

7. Xian Bing (Chinese pork pie)

For just 10-15 TWD you can try those "breads". The filling can be spring onion, leak, read beans or pork meat. 

1. 632, Yunlin County, Huwei Township, Minsheng Road, 48號虎尾寺
2Koufu Beef Noodle Restaurant, No. 308, Zhongzheng Road, Huwei Township, Yunlin County, 632

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