10 August 2017

Visiting Cake Towel Cafe and Chan Chau Ku Ranch

I want to introduce two of interesting cake shops I visited in Yunlin. First one is in Huwei, where we actually live now.
Cake Towel Cafe is really an interesting place. You can see how they transform a simple towel into an amazing cake or other things. A towel cake can be nice gift for someone.

Huwei is a countryside and not many people travel here, so the place is quite empty. That's a pity because this place was really a very creative idea.

But it's not all about towels here. You can enjoy some cakes and drinking here also. I didn't try their food tho, I only came to watch what they can make from just a simple towels.

iicafe cake towel cafe huwei yunlin taiwan

iicafe cake towel cafe huwei yunlin taiwan

They also have some DIY classes where you can make your own decorations. You can also buy towels, robs and other things except cakes.
For some period the place was closed, but in the beginning of 2019 opened again.

iicafe cake towel cafe huwei yunlin taiwan

iicafe cake towel cafe huwei yunlin taiwan

And another place we visited is Chan Chau Ku Ranch. It is a famous bakery in Lunbei, Yunlin. Desserts here are really tasty and made from fresh milk.

It's a nice place to visit with kids. They can run around a ranch where you can take some funny pictures. The place is decorated with a lot of cow sculptures. 

But not only sculptures you can see here. They also have a few cows. The view is not easy to find since people doesn't keep cows on grasslands like it is in Poland. 
You can also see some fish ponds around. 

chan chau ku ranch, cow sculptures, lunbei, taiwan

chan chau ku ranch, cow sculptures, lunbei, taiwan 

chan chau ku ranch, cows, lunbei, taiwan

There was pretty many people here with kids. It's a nice place to teach them more about cows and milk since they don't see animals everyday and have no experience. 

Being in bakery, we couldn't miss desserts. They have plenty of choices here. One of my favourite is definitely an egg tart.

1. YUNLIN CAKE TOWEL CAFE, No. 2, Guangfu Road, Huwei Township, Yunlin County, 632
2. 637, Yunlin County, Lunbei Township, 羅厝村東興182-32號千巧谷牛樂園牧場

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