17 August 2017

Taiwanese street food: All about Dim Sum

Dim sum (點心) are small bite-sized portions of food served in steam baskets or small plates. Dim sum means snacks, originally it was a small food, eaten when slightly hungry, but not as dinner alone.
Those dishes are usually served with tea and come sweet or savory flavor. Now became popular food eaten in dinner time. Variety of style include buns, rolls, wraps, dumplings and spring rolls.

dim sum dishes taiwan

Dim sum originates in Guangzhou, China and is closely associated with tea houses especially popular on Silk Road.

The most famous dim sum restaurant in Taiwan is Din Tai Fung. First full-fledged restaurant was opened in Taipei in 1972 by Yang Bingyi. Yang was born in China but moved to Taiwan in 1948.
Din Tai Fung is known worldwide now, first international location was opened in Japan in 1996.

din tai fung restaurant hsinchu taiwan

Dim sum can be cooked by steaming and frying. Serving size is usually small and normally served only a few (about 5) pieces. 

Dim sum is usually eaten by a few people or family together, sharing dishes between everyone. Small portions let people try different dishes in one time. 

dumplings dim sum taiwan

Popular dim sum dishes:

- dumplings (with pork meat, chicken, shrimps or vegetarian) 
- guotie - a pan-fry dumplings with pork and cabbage filling 
- spring rolls - deep fried rolls with vegetable and meat filling
- baozi - buns with savory (meat, vegetables) or sweet (custard) fillings 
- xiao long bao - buns filled with pork meat or seafood and broth inside
- luobo gan (turnip cake) - made from shredded radish with small shrimps, cabbage, mushrooms. Steamed then pan-fried.
- sticky rice in lotus leaf - sticky rice with mean, mushrooms, scallions is wrapped in lotus leaf
- stuffed eggplant - stuffed with shrimp paste and fried
- rice noodle rolls - usually filled with shrimps  
- steamed raddish or taro cake
- baked pork buns - filled with barbeque pork 
- steamed chicken feet, pork ribs 
- glutinous rice ball add (tangyuan) 
- egg tarts - baked tart with egg custard 

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