27 March 2018

Great Buddha sculpture of Baguashan

The due day is pretty soon (2 weeks). My mother-in-law become more and more annoying trying to tell me to only stay home... But me and my husband like to go out anywhere. Well, staying under one roof is pretty tough...

This time we came to Changhua to see Baguashan Buddha (八卦山大佛). From Baguashan you can also take a look at Changhua City. Parking there is free, also you can find some food stalls around, with sausages and eggs usually. 

great Buddha Baguashan Changhua Taiwan

Great Buddha is build on a hill 74 meters above sea level. The Gautama Buddha sits on 4 m tall lotus seat and the overall high is 24 meters. This statue used to be one of the biggest in Asia upon its completion in 1961. The sculpture is separated into 6 floors where visitors can climb. Inside you will see many sculptures telling the story of Buddha.

The Great Buddha Temple behind the statue was build in 1972 and made in a style of ornate palace. It combines Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian beliefs together, which is very rare. The first floor is dedicated to the greatest sage and teacher Confucius. On the second floor Taoist God of War - GuanYu takes its place. Buddhism sits on the third floor with  its primary deity - Gautama Buddha.
You can also try to lift Guan Yu's weapon which weights 64 kg. 
On both sides of themple 9 floors pagodas was build which serves as columbaria.

great Buddha Baguashan Changhua Taiwan
great Buddha Baguashan Changhua Taiwan

Baguashan was long time used for military services. Here also had a place the biggest battle in Taiwan's history. The battle was fought in 1895 , but ended with Japanese victory. Taiwan fought with only 5000 men, many of which was new recruits from Changhua, while Japanese army had 15,000 soldiers.
Originally a pavilion was built here, but during war became destroyed. During Jiaqing Period the pavilion was renovated and a village build here. In 1914, Japanese completely destroyed the village, living only one wall. 

great Buddha Baguashan Changhua Taiwan

great Buddha Baguashan Changhua Taiwan

Baguashan Buddha Temple, No. 31, Wenquan Road, Changhua City, Changhua County, 500

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