8 March 2018

Taiwanese street food: 酥 (su), 糕 (gao), 餅 (bing) (part II)

Cakes in Taiwan belongs to three different tribes: 酥 (su), 糕 (gao), 餅 (bing).
Su (酥) is a pastry made with shortening and tends to be crumble.
Gao () strarts with batter and ends with steaming or baking.
Bing () is a general name for wheat-flour based food with flattered or disc-like shape. Many of them are similar to Indian roti, French crepes and Mexican tortillas, but can also resemble western style cakes and cookies. Bings can be sweet or savory.

1. Cong da bing (蔥大餅)

This pancake is made of dough with scallion, garlic, cheese or brown sugar and baked, not fried. The flavor is very light and a little dry. 


2. Cong zhua bing (蔥抓餅)

Cong zhua bing (fluffy scallion pancake) is one of most famous pancakes in Taiwan. It's made with dought which is formed into log, flattened, brushed with seasoned roux and rolled. Later the dough is pulled out and stretched which forms layers and pan fried.


3. Cong you bing (蔥油餅) 

This scallion oil pancake is made of dough with minced scallions. Cong you bing is pan fried which gives it crispy and chewy texture. Pancakes are coated with egg on one side.
You can also see variation with garlic chives called 韭菜饼 (jiu cai bing).


4. Dan bing (蛋餅)

Dan bing is made of water, flour and corn starch and pan fried. Served with fried egg and some other fillings like corn, tuna, cheese etc., rolled and sliced. 

5. Rou jia bing (肉夹饼)

Rou jia bing (meat sandwich) originate from China - Shaanxi Province and dates back to Qing Dynasty (about 200 years bc).
The meat, usually pork is stewed for hours in a soup containing over 20 species and seasonings. Bread is called "bai ji mo". It's made from dough with yeast, baked or fried. 


6. Pepper bun - hu jiao bing 胡椒餅

Hu jiao bing is a type of baked bun which originates from China.
It's one of popular Taiwanese street food. The dough is made of flour water and yeast. The filling is usually pork meat marinated with pepper, soy sauce and sugar.

pepper bun hu jiao bing preparation

pepper bun hu jiao bing preparation

Outside the bun is crunchy, the meat inside is really juicy with little spicy feeling from pepper. 

hu jiao Bing pepper bun

Pepper buns are baked in traditional cylindrical, high-heat clay ovens. Charcoal is put on the bottom of oven to make it heat.
The buns are stacked on the wall from bottom to the top. After bake, the buns are scrapped off and taken out by colander.

baking pepper buns hu jiao bing

7. Xian Bing (餡餅)

Xian Bing (meat pies) are small fried breads made of dough with fillings like spring onion, leak, red beans or pork meat.

8. Bao bing (饼) 

Popiah (bao bing) is soft, paper-like crepe or pancake made from wheat flour. Popiah can be used for both, sweet or savory dishes. One of popular dessert in Taiwan using this wrap is Ice cream and peanut roll. Other popular dishes are Beijing Duck or spring rolls, which can be fried or non-fried.

9. Tou bing (頭餅)

Kind of pancakes with different fillings like peanut, chocolate, strawberry or meat. Fried from one side and folded.

10. Chinese meat pies (肉餅, Ròu bǐng) 

Those cakes have round shape and sweet feeling made from taro, sweet potatoes and green tea mochi.

11. Sponge cake (古早味蛋糕, Gǔ zǎo wèi dàngāo)

You can find sponge cakes filled with cheese or meat floss, as well as those sweet flavors. 

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