8 April 2018

Xiluo Bridge and the Fuxing Temple

Yesterday was my due date, but my son doesn't feel hurry, so my husband brings me to Xiluo. His family thinks we are crazy to even go out... I feel boring at home and pretty stressful about going to born a baby.

Xiluo Bridge (
西螺大橋) is crossing over Zhuoshui River connecting Yunlin and Changhua County.
Construction of the bridge began in 1937 but it took 15 years before the project could be finished. The bridge is nearly 2 km long. At that time it was second largest bridge in the world. 

In 1963 the image of Xiluo Bridge could be see on TWD 10 bill due to it's importance and symbolic meaning over development of transportation in Taiwan.  


Also religious events are held there. People follow Gods to cross the bridge by foot. 
Last November was pretty nice parade with many fireworks. 
The Goddess Mazu is taken from Fuxing Temple on a parade through city and to cross this bridge.

Originally Fuxing Temple (
福興宮) was build in 1723 to enshrine the statue of Mazu brought from China in 1717. The temple was demolished in 1770 and rebuild on the main street.
In the late Qing Dynasty the temple began holding famous Taiping Mazu cultural festival which include pilgrimage with Mazu on two bangs of Zhuoshui River.

The pilgrimage began as thanksgiving ritual for farmers to pray for health and rich harvest. 
Nowadays the procession last 15 days and covers 14 townships with over 200 temples on their way. 

You can also take a look at the Xiluo old street with traditional shops, an old market and the traditional soy sauce factory
The old street is located along Yenping street. In the early days Xiluo was a very prosperous area. Buildings along this street was built in baroque style. Due to the earthquake in 1935 the government decided to add Chinese decor elements to remodel buildings. The combination of old-style design and artistic style makes the landscape special. 

About Xiluo Theatre : spectralcodex - xiluo-theater


Nearby the Xiluo Bridge also decorations for lanterns festival could be seen. Unfortunately we only been there in daytime.

2. Xiluo Fuxing Temple, No. 180, Yanping Road, Xiluo Township, Yunlin County, 648
1. 648, Yunlin County, Xiluo Township, 西螺145縣道西螺木棉花大道

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