24 April 2018

Blogs and vlogs about Taiwan

1. Taiwan Scene is an online magazine/blog created by My Taiwan Tour.
2. Synapticism a very detailed and thorough travel and urbex blog by Alexander Synaptic.3, Josh Ellis Photography a travel and urbex photography gallery and blog from a travel photographer in Taoyuan.
4. Taiwan Everything  a general interest guide to Taiwan, including outdoors, food, and travel. 
5. The Amazing Taitung a travel blog just about everything near and around Taitung.
6. Follow Xiaofei a travel blog mostly about finding hard to reach hot springs and other swimming spots in Taiwan. It also features frequent Vlogs.
7Taiwan - An Expat and Foreigner's Guide  a general interest blog for foreigners written by Kyle and supported by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau.
8Nick Kembel Spiritual Travels by author, photographer, award-winning travel blogger Nick Kembel based in Taiwan. 
9. Foreigners in Taiwan1
10. Tricky Taipei a lifestyle blog based in Taipei by Kathy Cheng, but also focusing on the Taiwan's tourism and online strategy
11. Jaysun Eats Taipei a very extensive restaurant guide to Taipei
12. Laiki Taichung: a travel and lifestyle guide to Taichung made by Anastasia.
13. Nihao's it Going by the pseudonym Mossy Konger is a general interest and opinion blog about topics especially related to foreigners in Taiwan.
14. Laoren Cha a general blog for women living in Taiwan with commentary on everything about Taiwan by Jenna Cody.
15. Taiwan Matters: a group blog on Taiwan politics, run in part by Tim Maddog and Ben Goren

1. Foreigners in Taiwan: Mostly GoPro and Drone footage to supplement the blog
2. LoganDBeck Films: Travel and daily life from Logan Beck, an eccentric young American living in Changhua.
3. Stop Kiddin' Studio: A team of young foreigners in Taiwan discussing life and food in Taiwan.
4. This is Taiwan: A vlog by a South African living in Taiwan sharing all things Taiwan.
5. Xiaofei: The same blog mentioned above (Follow Xiaofei), but showing all his videos.
6. I'm Jonas: Guy from Sweden, introducing Taiwan and Sweden with his girlfriend Charlie (her vlog: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyD3eaCai2yyWZEuczgZ-fw)
7. Ku's dream 酷的夢: French guy introducing Taiwan in Chinese
8. lifeintaiwan: a British man living in Taichung

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