April 27, 2019

Tea farms and Hukou Old Street

It's a nice weather today, so after finish baking my cakes we went outside. At first we wanted to see Yellow Trumpet Flowers blossom in Xinpu. Yesterday we have seen pink trumpet tree in bloom, so I thought it's already a season. After drive to there, we get to know there are no flowers yet and need to wait one more month. There is not much to see in Xinpu, so we decided to visit Hukou Old Street. 

We drive to there a mountain road, where we have seen many bald cypress and cherry blossom as well as tea farms. Those hills are covered with plenty of tea trees whuch makes the view really beautiful. That's a pity we didn't come to here earlier. Now the bald cypress lost almost all leaves and doesn't look very attractive. Some of Taiwanese cherries growing there already blossom. Also the tea was in bloom too. 
We also back to here on April 2019, just to see tea farms once again.  
Hukou in the past was a military base. Also on the nearby roads you can see a few old tanks.

Hukou Old Street was build during Japanese era, around 1890s with Japanese and baroque style. The rise and fail of this old street is related to the railway. Th railway in Hukou was build in 1892 which promoted local development. After entering the Japanese period, the railway route from Taipei to Taoyuan was drastically changed. The section from Dahukou to Hsinchu didn't change much. In 1908 the entire line was finishes which made Dahukou a commercial town in Hsinchu.. In 1916 the Hukou Old Street was build on the southeast of the station.   

Japanese thought that the slope of the road between Hukou and Yangmei was too steep which make the railroad unstable. The Hukou station moved closer to the coast due to newly completed Ocean Line. Construction of the new railroad made the street commercial declined.

The railway is what divided Hukou between Old Hukou and New Hukou. In Old Hukou you can see and old street, temple, church and old theatre. New Hukou is a newer area with modern houses built around station. 
In Hukou all the old buildings was left and you can see similar style to Daxi Old Street. Nearby temple has some decorations of pigs for Chinese New Year.
At the end of the street you will also find a San Yuan Temple. In 1904 two people donated land and raised fund to build the temple. The project was completed in 1919 due to difficulties to funding problem. 
This Temple is dedicated to Three Officials: water, earth and heaven. The Sanyuan Palace also offers other gods like Guanyin Bodhisattva, Mazu, Yinsheng Nangniang, Wenchang Emperor, Wucai When and Bogong.
In May 2001, this Temple was announced as county monument.

The old street was quite empty when we came there, only part of it had few shops and not many people walking around. Nearby you can also see an old church which was built where originally the old train station was. 
In recent years the Old Street was renovated and the greening project to completed. Under renovation went the stone road, building's archway and shop pavilion. This didn't help much and the street stays quite empty. 

1. 305, Hsinchu County, Xinpu Township, Jianzhuwo
2. Hukou Old Street, Hukoulao Street, Hukou Township, Hsinchu County, 303

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